Orange pills of joy now for the young

Viagra, Levitra and Cialis, three similar cures for impotence, are gaining new market segments. If earlier, in the first advertising campaign of “Viagra”, a middle-aged senator Bob Dole was shot, now men of no more than forty are becoming heroes of the commercials.

Marketers no longer offer buyers to be treated for impotence, but position their drugs as tablets for joy. Levitra, for example, is colored in a cheerful orange color.

Who is buying Viagra ?

According to the newspaper The New York Times, the first people with impotence really began to receive such drugs. On the prescription of a doctor, sex life could be adjusted to people suffering from diabetes, neurological disorders or side effects of antidepressants.

However, subsequently, the demand for Viagra has increased dramatically. First, the doctors began to write prescriptions to everyone who asked without question. Secondly, there were numerous online pharmacies that offered drugs for impotence without a prescription and with delivery.

Accordingly, the circle of buyers has expanded. “Patients” became healthy people who wanted to hedge against an exciting date.

A portrait of one of these consumers is described in the New York Times. Chris London, 41, lives in New York and works as a lawyer. One of his business partners once said that she could not work normally with a man unless they had sex before. London was at least discouraged by this statement, but agreed to meet after work. On the advice of a familiar doctor, he beat his excitement with Viagra, quietly swallowed up in the bathroom.

Simply put, “Viagra”, “Levitra” and “Cialis” are now bought by anyone who wants to be confident in their sexual abilities, regardless of the circumstances. Manufacturers of drugs at the same time emphasize that the ingestion of food or alcohol does not affect their effectiveness.

What is impotence?

Impotence (erectile dysfunction) is defined as the repeated inability to maintain an erection necessary for sexual intercourse.

This disorder affects both elderly and fairly young men. In the first case, the cause of impotence is most often chronic illness or injury, while in the second, impotence is a psychological problem.

Contrary to the opinion of many men, Viagra and its analogues act exclusively on the blood supply to the penis and have no psychotropic effects. That is, such drugs can improve the potency, but do not stimulate the libido. However, as the doctors found out, along with a normal erection, the desire for sex often comes by itself.

Sex and the City

According to psychologists, the need for “Viagra” and its counterparts in the first place there are residents of large cities. The sexual revolution has led to the fact that more and more sexual contacts occur between unfamiliar people: work colleagues who met at a party or on an ad on the Internet.

At the same time in the minds of most people remains the image of an ideal man, always ready for sex and wanting it. Trying to conform to such a view, men take the pill secretly, as Chris London mentioned above. Entering the bedroom with a blush on the cheeks – a common side effect of “Viagra” – they complain of heat and stuffiness. And in the morning they often hide as they suffer from a headache.

As the New York Times mentions, such pills are often drunk by gay men. Both lovers do it secretly from each other, and then experience those side effects together.

Daryl Warren