What to choose?

Miracle pills

There are several types of tablets for oral administration. Some must be swallowed whole, others kept under the tongue until completely absorbed. Some can be taken regardless of food intake and alcohol intake, while others are not recommended to be taken with fatty foods. Drugs that can be taken regardless of the meal and alcohol, are more preferable, as they allow you to not change your lifestyle. Although most tablets take effect within 20-25 minutes, the duration of their action varies. Some pills work for several hours after ingestion, while others last up to 36 hours, which allows, in the presence of sexual stimulation, to achieve an erection at any time during this period.

Whatever you say, but I strongly disagree with those who argue that “Viagra” – yesterday in the fight against erectile dysfunction. Still, these wonderful blue pills have changed the sanitary picture of the world. As well as penicillin in due time. It is said that, thanks to Viagra, the suicide curve in the world has waned, and this applies not only to men, but also to women. I myself have this great “Viagra” helped to cope with a bunch of psychological problems. Unlike injections in a penis, the tablet does not cause instant reaction. To make it work, a man still needs sexual stimulation. But everything will work at the right time. This blue pill and became famous. But science does not stand still. The next generation of sexual pills are superior to Viagra in many ways. Viagra has, of course, some disadvantages. Blood strikes the head, there is an unpleasant heartbeat, a “cyanotic effect” occurs in the eyes, that is, the yellow color of the traffic light is perceived as green … But the most important thing is that after drinking a pill, you start to hurry. After all, it is known that it works 4 ~ 5 hours.

The next generation of sexual pills – Levitra and Cialis

Drugs are moving to the market with a completely different attitude, it is noticeable even by the color of the tablets. First, you can buy them without a prescription. And secondly, “Levitra” and “Cialis” – bright, cheerful, orange and yellow. I can say for sure: the guaranteed effect of Cialis is 36 hours, and in fact even more. For my psychological health, this is very valuable. Because at least these 36 hours I can feel like a normal person and a full-fledged man. “Levitra” works 4-5 hours, which is not enough for serious courtship. But it begins to act after 15 minutes. Studies have shown that Levitra helps in more than 50% of cases when Viagra is powerless to help. In 92% of patients, after the first dose, erectile function normalizes, 74% note an erection sufficient for successful sexual intercourse. It was also found that Levitra is effective in 72% of patients with diabetes mellitus and in 70% of patients who have undergone surgery to remove the prostate gland. The effect of “Cialis” is even more – it is a very soft pill, and it works almost flawlessly. For now, Cialis is breaking all records in terms of duration and is personally encouraging to me. It gives a feeling of fullness of life. And what else is an erection for? All of the above I checked on myself. And now I know for sure: there is no impotence!